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Why Choose Me?

  • for me, every customer is like the only customer I have
  • easy booking method
  • total assistance during the tour.
  • all you need to do is to decide what kind of activities you want, I’ll do the rest.
  • in my business, attention to details is the key to quality. Each tour is carefully planned so that it works perfectly.
  • some plan, some dream
  • special trips and private tours in Romania, for those who prefer to travel independently, outside an organized group. You can customize your trip and create your own itinerary. It is a pleasure for me to help you plan and organize a trip especially designed for you. So, you can enjoy your vacation in your own rhythm.
  • I help you understand the cultural values of the country and to be part of them.

About Me...

Usually, this is the page where everybody boast about their merits.

Hard to tell when it comes to me … If I had to start with something, I would start with the fact that I like to be called by my first name, Bogdan. I like to have many people around me because I feel good when I socialize, I always live with fear of losing my true friends … I try not to disappoint them (it all comes from previous mistakes, better not disappoint than hurt) … When I have a goal, I do absolutely everything in my power to accomplish it, no matter what it involves. I like to think that I have will. Probably, it is about will only when I do something that I like and I love to show people the beauties of Transylvania and other regions known in Romania and, therefore, “Transylvania, back in time daily tours See More ” was founded.

To end in a nice way, I say that mostly I like the way I am. Of course everyone (including myself) want to change something about themselves, but I try to reduce the number of changes that I would like to do myself, because it all starts in my mind.